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The following 4 items are in stock:
Four Half Walls

Item: DWA-16275

Price: $9.95

L-Shaped Passage with 4 Traps Swinging Left

Item: DWA-16374

Price: $11.95

L-Shaped Passage with 4 Traps Swinging Right

Item: DWA-16273

Price: $11.95

Set of 55 Bowties

Item: DWA-16389

Price: $1.95

The following 92 items are no longer available:
Advanced Builder Set

Item: DWA-16332


Item: DWA-16304

Arrow Loop Passages

Item: DWA-16354

Arrow Loop Walls

Item: DWA-16281

Assorted Sacks and Crude Wooden Chest

Item: DWA-16272

Cavern Corner Conversion

Item: DWA-90003

Cavern Floor Piece

Item: DWA-16290

Cavern Set

Item: DWA-16355

Cavernous Lake Set

Item: DWA-16393

Cavernous Passage Corner Conversion

Item: DWA-90002

Cavernous Passage Set

Item: DWA-16352

Cavernous River and Walls Set

Item: DWA-16392

Coin Stacks and Piles

Item: DWA-16276

Corner Wall Piece Set

Item: DWA-16325

Curved Passage

Item: DWA-90005

Curved T-Shaped Cavernous Passage

Item: DWA-16324

Dead-End cavern

Item: DWA-16319

Dead-End Caves

Item: DWA-16271

Deluxe Room Set

Item: DWA-16367

Den of Evil Set

Item: DWA-16387

Diagonal Half Floor Tiles

Item: DWA-16390

Eight Pedestals

Item: DWA-16349

Eight Small Flat Cavern Rocks

Item: DWA-16358

Eight Small Water Tubs

Item: DWA-16346

Extenders, set of 10

Item: DWA-90001

Falling Block Trap

Item: DWA-16356

Fantasy Floor Set

Item: DWA-16341

Fantasy Starter Set

Item: DWA-16329

Five Ton Blocks

Item: DWA-16359

Floor Tiles

Item: DWA-16318

Floors with Pits

Item: DWA-16368

Four Wide Dead-Ends

Item: DWA-16292

Four-Way Cavernous Passage

Item: DWA-16353

Four-Way Passage

Item: DWA-16297

Grain Sack Piles

Item: DWA-16381

L-Shaped Passage

Item: DWA-16309

Large Floor Tile

Item: DWA-16274

Long Cavernous Passage

Item: DWA-16334

Long Passage

Item: DWA-16302

Long Sci-Fi Walls

Item: DWA-16391

Long Walls

Item: DWA-16351

Magical Weapons and Armor

Item: DWA-16284

Medieval Building Set

Item: DWA-16394

Medieval Furniture Set

Item: DWA-16372

Medium Flat Cavern Rocks

Item: DWA-16339

Mermaid Fountain

Item: DWA-90008

Narrow Right-Angle Passage Pieces

Item: DWA-16370

Narrow Swinging Doors

Item: DWA-16308

Non-Detachable Wide Door

Item: DWA-16384

Orc Archers

Item: DWA-16366

Orc Leader and Lieutenant

Item: DWA-16362

Orc Raiding Party

Item: DWA-16382

Orc Swordsmen

Item: DWA-16317

Orc War Band

Item: DWA-16299

Orcs with Hand Weapons

Item: DWA-16363

Orcs with Pole Arms

Item: DWA-16315

Passage with Moat and Log

Item: DWA-16287

Passages with Pits

Item: DWA-16350

Raisable Portcullis

Item: DWA-16377

Red Pillars

Item: DWA-16335

Rocks, Stalagmites and Mithril Clusters

Item: DWA-16311

Room and Passage Set

Item: DWA-16305


Item: DWA-90009

Sci-Fi Alpha Expansion Set

Item: DWA-16283

Sci-Fi Beta Expansion Set

Item: DWA-16388

Sci-Fi Passage Set

Item: DWA-16289

Sci-Fi Starter Set

Item: DWA-16298

Skeleton Archers

Item: DWA-16365

Skeleton Swordsmen

Item: DWA-16313

Skeleton Troops

Item: DWA-16345

Skeletons with Pole Arms

Item: DWA-16312

Spiral Stairs

Item: DWA-16336


Item: DWA-16338

Straight Cavern Wall

Item: DWA-16300

Swinging Door

Item: DWA-90004

Swinging Spiked Log Trap

Item: DWA-16373

T-shaped Cavernous Passage with Chasm

Item: DWA-16306

T-Shaped Passage

Item: DWA-16383


Item: DWA-16369

Three Chests

Item: DWA-90007

Three Grain Sack Piles

Item: DWA-90006

Traps Set

Item: DWA-16323

Traps Set #2

Item: DWA-16316

Treasure and Magic Items Set

Item: DWA-16342

Twisted Cavern Conversion

Item: DWA-16380

Twisted Cavernous Passage Conversion

Item: DWA-16301

Two 2" Walls with Pits

Item: DWA-16321

Two Narrow Dead Ends

Item: DWA-16328

Upper and Lower Stairs

Item: DWA-16331

Wall Pieces

Item: DWA-16278

Wicked Additions Set

Item: DWA-16270

Wooden Ramp with Stone Boulder

Item: DWA-16294

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