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The following 4 items are in stock:
FoxFury Scout Series Tactical Safety Light

Item: FF-3004

Price: $34.99

Hunter Moose

Item: UGI-7617

Price: $12.00


Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains

Item: FLC-12414

Price: $8.95

Velcro Orange Wrap

Item: VEL-90866

Price: $5.95

The following 5 items are on back order:
Polypropylene Fleece Men's Bottoms

Item: KCP-502

Price: $19.95

Polypropylene Fleece Men's Crew Top

Item: KCP-501

Price: $19.95

Polypropylene Thermal 1 x 1 Rib Men's Bottom

Item: KCP-302

Price: $13.95

Polypropylene Thermal 1 x 1 Rib Men's Top

Item: KCP-301

Price: $13.95

YakTrax Walker

Item: YT-10813

Price: $15.95

The following 3 items are no longer available:
FoxFury Signature Series Desert Operations Light

Item: FF-2014

FoxFury Signature Series Hunting Stealth Light

Item: FF-2012

FoxFury Signature Series Hunting Tracker Light

Item: FF-2013

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