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The following 22 items are in stock:
Angel Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20645

Price: $40.00

Candy Cane Lane Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20643

Price: $40.00

Carnevale Mustang Ornament

Item: WG-20520

Price: $40.00


Dancer Mustang Ornament

Item: WG-20518

Price: $40.00


Elf Ornament

Item: WG-20651

Price: $40.00

Holiday Traditions Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20641

Price: $40.00

Jewel Quarter Horse Ornament

Item: WG-20633

Price: $40.00

Lightbolt Quarter Horse Ornament

Item: WG-20516

Price: $40.00


Noel Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20634

Price: $40.00

Poinsettia Horse Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20642

Price: $40.00

Revolutionary Warhorse Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20515

Price: $40.00


Santa Cardinals Ornament

Item: WG-20650

Price: $40.00

Santa Claus Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20640

Price: $40.00

Santa's Workshop Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20646

Price: $40.00

Silver Bells Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20635

Price: $40.00

Silverfrost Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20644

Price: $40.00

Snowman Mustang Ornament

Item: WG-20647

Price: $40.00

Snowy Ornament

Item: WG-20648

Price: $40.00

Sugar Plum Ornament

Item: WG-20649

Price: $40.00

Venetian Carnival Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20517

Price: $40.00


Western Leather Mustang Ornament

Item: WG-20519

Price: $40.00


Woodland Santa Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20631

Price: $40.00

The following 9 items are no longer available:
Christmas Angel Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20637

Horse of a Different Color, Christmas 2010 Ornaments

Item: ASD-20631

Horse of a Different Color, Christmas 2011 Ornaments

Item: ASD-20636

Horse of a Different Color, Christmas 2012 Ornaments

Item: ASD-20640

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2011 Ornaments

Item: ASD-20515

Pine Bundles Quarter Horse Ornament

Item: WG-20632

Santa Horse Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20636

Starry Night Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20639

Winter Snowflakes Thoroughbred Ornament

Item: WG-20638

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