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The following 8 items are in stock:
GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns

Item: SJG-10002

Price: $23.95

GURPS Basic Set: Characters

Item: SJG-10001

Price: $26.95

GURPS Bio-Tech

Item: SJG-10103

Price: $24.95

GURPS Dragons

Item: SJG-6540

Price: $23.95


GURPS Fantasy

Item: SJG-11001

Price: $23.95


Item: SJG-90101

Price: $23.95

GURPS Powers

Item: SJG-10102

Price: $23.95


Item: SJG-11002

Price: $23.95

The following 6 items are on back order:
GURPS Banestorm

Item: SJG-12002

Price: $23.95

GURPS For Dummies

Item: WD-83293

Price: $16.95

GURPS Infinite Worlds

Item: SJG-12001

Price: $23.95

GURPS Martial Arts

Item: SJG-10105

Price: $28.95

GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars

Item: SJG-12401

Price: $26.95

GURPS Ultra-Tech

Item: SJG-10104

Price: $23.95

The following 1 item is no longer available:

Item: SJG-10101

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