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The following 5 items are in stock:
Elements Fairy Diva Ornament - Fire

Item: ABA-87804

Price: $17.95

GURPS Faerie

Item: SJG-6043

Price: $14.95


Moondreamer Fairy

Item: NTF-83902

Price: $20.95

Velvet Princesse Fairy

Item: NTF-83915

Price: $25.00

Wind Moon Fairy

Item: NTF-83927

Price: $20.95

The following 65 items are no longer available:
Amber Ornament

Item: JGE-88213

Amethyst Ornament

Item: JGE-88218

Angelic Princesse Fairy

Item: NTF-83913

Aquarius Ornament

Item: JGE-88202

Aries Ornament

Item: JGE-88204

Attitude Diva Ornament - Bratty

Item: ABA-87845

Attitude Diva Ornament - Pouty

Item: ABA-87844

Attitude Diva Ornament - Snobby

Item: ABA-87846

Attitude Diva Ornament - Stubborn

Item: ABA-87847

Blue Moon Fairy Diva Ornament - Blue Moon I

Item: ABA-87848

Blue Moon Fairy Diva Ornament - Blue Moon II

Item: ABA-87849

Bride Fairy

Item: NTF-83923

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider I

Item: ABA-87801

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider II

Item: ABA-87810

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider III

Item: ABA-87823

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider IV

Item: ABA-87824

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider VI

Item: ABA-87861

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider VII

Item: ABA-87868

Bubble Rider Fairy Diva Ornament - Bubble Rider VIII

Item: ABA-87869

Burgundy Wine Fairy

Item: NTF-83909

Cancer Ornament

Item: JGE-88207

Capricorn Ornament

Item: JGE-88201

Celestial Divas Ornament - Sun

Item: ABA-87819

Crimson Princesse Fairy

Item: NTF-83916

Earth Moon Fairy

Item: NTF-83931

Elements Fairy Diva Ornament - Air

Item: ABA-87806

Elements Fairy Diva Ornament - Earth

Item: ABA-87805

Elements Fairy Diva Ornament - Water

Item: ABA-87803

Evening Mist Fairy

Item: NTF-83922

Fairy Weiner

Item: WG-16455

Fairy/Unicorn Tic-Tac-Toe Set

Item: FP-5429

Fairy/Unicorn Tic-Tac-Toe Set

Item: FP-5429

Fire Moon Fairy

Item: NTF-83925

Frost Moon Fairy

Item: NTF-83926

Garnet Ornament

Item: JGE-88217

Gemini Ornament

Item: JGE-88206

Gothic Princesse Fairy

Item: NTF-83914

Groom Fairy

Item: NTF-83924

Insect Friends Diva Ornament - Bumble Bee

Item: ABA-87811

Insect Friends Diva Ornament - Butterfly

Item: ABA-87814

Jade Ornament

Item: JGE-88216

Leo Ornament

Item: JGE-88208

Libra Ornament

Item: JGE-88210

Maiden Heaven Fairy

Item: NTF-83917

Memory Fairy

Item: NTF-83911

Midnight Blue Fairy

Item: NTF-83910

Midnight Wings Fairy

Item: NTF-83918

Moonstone Ornament

Item: JGE-88214

Morning Dew Fairy

Item: NTF-83921

Naughty Fairy Diva Ornament

Item: ABA-87842

Nice Fairy Diva Ornament

Item: ABA-87843

Pink Champagne Fairy

Item: NTF-83907

Pisces Ornament

Item: JGE-88203

Red Hearts Fairy

Item: NTF-83908

Sagittarius Ornament

Item: JGE-88212

Sapphire Ornament

Item: JGE-88215

Scorpio Ornament

Item: JGE-88211

Seasons Fairy Diva Ornament - Autumn

Item: ABA-87809

Seasons Fairy Diva Ornament - Spring

Item: ABA-87807

Seasons Fairy Diva Ornament - Summer

Item: ABA-87808

Seasons Fairy Diva Ornament - Winter

Item: ABA-87812

Solace Fairy

Item: NTF-83912

Stargazer Fairy

Item: NTF-83901

Taurus Ornament

Item: JGE-88205

Virgo Ornament

Item: JGE-88209

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