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The following 23 items are in stock:
Angel Clydesdale

Item: WG-20615

Price: $100.00

Angel Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20645

Price: $40.00

Celestial Clydesdale

Item: WG-20324

Price: $100.00

Christmas Clydesdale Blown Glass Ornament

Item: NSC-22982

Price: $25.00

Christmas Clydesdale Pony

Item: WG-12203

Price: $200.00

Christmas Clydesdale Pony

Item: WG-12203

Price: $125.00

Guardian Angel Clydesdale

Item: WG-20340

Price: $100.00

Holiday Traditions Clydesdale

Item: WG-20611

Price: $100.00

Holiday Traditions Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20641

Price: $40.00

Home Sweet Home Pony

Item: NSC-55519

Price: $150.00

Nativity Clydesdale

Item: WG-20624

Price: $100.00

Nativity Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20654

Price: $40.00

Revolutionary Warhorse Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20515

Price: $40.00


Santa Claus Clydesdale

Item: WG-20610

Price: $100.00

Santa Claus Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20640

Price: $40.00

Santa's Workshop Clydesdale

Item: WG-20616

Price: $100.00

Santa's Workshop Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20646

Price: $40.00

Silverfrost Clydesdale

Item: WG-20614

Price: $100.00

Silverfrost Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20644

Price: $40.00

Woad Clydesdale

Item: WG-20314

Price: $100.00

Wolf Spirit Clydesdale

Item: WG-20332

Price: $160.00

Woodland Santa Clydesdale

Item: WG-20601

Price: $135.00

Woodland Santa Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20631

Price: $40.00

The following 7 items are no longer available:
Bear Chief Clydesdale

Item: WG-20356

Christmas Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-12323


King of Hearts Ornament

Item: NSC-27265

Patriot Clydesdale

Item: WG-20389

Revolutionary Warhorse

Item: WG-20301

Santa Horse Clydesdale

Item: WG-20606

Santa Horse Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20636

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Today is Friday, July 10, 2020.
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