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Name:HeroScape 8: Elves
Manufacturer:Wizards of the Coast
HeroScape 8: Elves
Add these enchanted heroes to your army! Emirroon's enchanted aura allows you to take a turn with up to two of Ullar's unique elf wizards. Arkmer's Staff of Lerkintin and Jorhdawn's Rain of Flame allow you to increase your defense rolls based on the number of Elves you control, while Ulginesh can summon additional elf wizards to aid in an attack. This pack includes four painted figures and four army cards.

8+2 or more

We do not have HeroScape 8: Elves (WOC-23083) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

HeroScape 8: Elves is also a part of the following sets:

HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 8: Defenders of Kinsland
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