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Name:Moroccan Mosaic Horse
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Released:December 2009
Moroccan Mosaic Horse
The nomadic Bedouins believe that the Arabian horse was created from the four winds - spirit from the North wind, strength of the South, speed from the East and intelligence from the West. The Arabian horse is the master of the desert, a creature given flight without wings. Often myths like this are represented in beautiful mosaics that can be found throughout Morocco and other Middle Eastern countries, the origin and home of the Arabian horse.

Known for its spirit, speed and intelligence, the Arabian horse remains today one of the most popular horses in the world. As the name indicates, Arabian horses hail from the Middle East and have rich history woven into the culture of this area. Arabian horses helped to sire the modern Thoroughbred race horse and have been used to improve other breeds throughout the world. They have long since been an extremely popular horse in European and American history, utilized for their bravery and endurance. Today Arabians are enjoyed as pleasure, competition and endurance race horses.

See collector's checklist for Horse of a Different Color.
Available in inventory at $120.00 each.

WG-20306 : retired figurine

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