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Name:Seminole Horse
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Released:December 2009
Notes:Native Pony
Seminole Horse
The Seminole people of Florida are a Native American nation formed in the 18th century, comprised of many native tribes, African slaves and white Europeans. The name "Seminole" is derived from the Spanish word "cimarron", which means "wild". The unique clothing, rich stories and independent spirit of the Seminole compliments the history of the American wild horse, also a mix of breeds and origins. The Seminole Horse wears the textiles, jewelry and markings of these native peoples and represents their colorful past.

The Quarter Horse is the quintessential highly-bred American horse. Named for its ability to outdistance other horses in races of a quarter mile or less, the Quarter Horse is the mount of choice cowboys, western pleasure riders and competitors in any equine sport from rodeo to ranching. The muscular build and compact body of this horse make it well suited for work requiring speed and maneuverability. Today the American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the world.

See collector's checklist for Horse of a Different Color.
Available in inventory at $120.00 each.

WG-20302 : retired figurine

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