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Name:Revolutionary Warhorse
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Released:December 2009
Revolutionary Warhorse
In 1776 huge Clydesdale draft horses were used to pull heavy canons, artillery and supplies to aid in the War for independence. The gentle giants, with their calm dispositions yet incredible strength, stood fast in the heat of battle and were there to provide arms and relief to American soldiers. This majestic Clydesdale wears the uniform of the Colonial Army and is emblazoned with the circular stars of the first American flag, a tribute to its vital role in the American Revolutionary War.

Descended from the massive warhorses of Medieval Europe, the Clydesdale horse is known for its size and extreme strength, yet gentle nature. Although used in battle throughout pre-industrial history, Clydesdales are now more comonly used as work horses to pull heavy loads such as plowing equipment and wagons. Today working horses are utilized for parade use, as well as in competition, and have enjoyed a new-found popularity in the past decades.

Named 2009 Best Selling HoDC Horse by a Snaggy diMe.

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We do not have Revolutionary Warhorse (WG-20301) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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