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Name:Wilderness Roundup
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Artist:Bower, Mitzie
Released:June 2004
Retired:July 2007
Highest Issue:4/1788
The challenge of creating a wonderful work of art on a large scale, and not allowing her disability to limit her imagination, motivated Mary "Mitzi" Bower - wheelchair-bound after suffering a spinal injury during a gymnastics event at age 17 - to paint a Pony. Her husband Tim designed and built a special apparatus that allowed Mitzi to have the pony tilted to where she needed it. "A very dynamic relationship developed between this pony and me the day it entered my life. Its sheer majesty alone, in the absence of color, was breathtaking. As days turned to weeks, weeks to months, the quiet equine suddenly began to whisper inspiration and visualization to me." Hoping to communicate the "inner connection we share with all living creatures," she rounded up "a dazzling menagerie" of animals "in a changing seasonal environment. Over a year in the making, Mary's Painted Pony is an extraordinary achievement that carries this message: "Enjoy her beauty, follow your dreams, and believe in yourself."

See collector's checklist for Trail of Painted Ponies.
Available in inventory at $120.00 each.

WG-1588-3E : original Westland third edition retired pony
Available in inventory at $100.00 each.

WG-1588-4E : original Westland fourth edition retired pony

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