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Name:Fancy Dancer Pony (large)
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Artist:Archer, Devon
Released:January 2007
Retired:February 2010
Fancy Dancer Pony (large)
Fancy Dancer represents the Native American dance called the Men's Fancy Dance. The Fancy Dancer's regalia being full of color and adorned with feathers, streamers and bells is designed to capture the eye of the viewer when the dancer is in full motion. The dancers dance to the heartbeat of the drummers' drum. When the dance is finished all the dancers are to stop at the last beat. Fancy Dancer's regalia is adapted and designed so that it best suits a horse or pony but still retains the original design of the actual dancers.

Just imagine seeing an Indian pony dressed in his finest regalia ready to dance the Fancy Dance. Once he begins his display of fancy footwork, his head tossing about, snorting, eyes flashing, feathers and streamers flowing, bells jingling and his tail swishing about, it all comes together... The Fancy Dance. What a feast for the eyes.

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We do not have Fancy Dancer Pony (large) (WG-12389) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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