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Name:Cheyenne Painted Rawhide
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Artist:Chappie-Zoller, Liz
Released:January 2007
Retired:September 2011
Highest Issue:3/ 522
Notes:Native Pony
"Cheyenne Painted Rawhide" was created to honor the horse and the art of Native American painting in a synchronous pairing of powerful organic and geometric forms. I began by giving my pony the real-life coloration of buckskin, representative of the color of rawhide used by the Cheyenne women for their paintings. The dynamic and graceful form of the horse is then married to the hard-edged, positive and negative geometry of the Cheyenne women's rawhide patterns.

The buckskin's black points (mane, tail and legs) accentuate the fine brown-black outlines of the painted rawhide patterns, applied in the authentic colors of red, cerulean blue, chrome green and yellow. When constructing the mane, I tied it up in red "trade cloth" to appear as though it is flowing out behind the horse in triangular shapes - reflected in the rawhide patterns - to add a sense of movement. The eagle feathers adorning the horse's mane and tail represent Native Americans' practice of decorating their ponies for battles and hunts, as are the forward-pointing arrows giving the ponies swiftness of foot.

Named 2006 Award of Excellence by Southwest Art Magazine.

Available in inventory at $120.00 each.

WG-12242-1E : original Westland first edition retired pony
Available in inventory at $100.00 each.

WG-12242-2E : original Westland second edition retired pony

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