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Name:Sounds of Thunder
Manufacturer:Westland Giftware
Artist:Rabbit, Bill
Rabbit, Traci
Released:January 2007
Retired:July 2011
Highest Issue:4/8090
Notes:Native Pony
Side 1: The different feathers represent first to strike and kill the enemy, cutting an enemies throat in battle, was wounded many times in battle and the number of enemies killed. The circle around the eye is intended to aid the horse's eye sight. The red markings on the nose represent the warriors many coups with the enemy. The Black circle is an old wound and surrounded by sunbeams which radiate, this is a prayer that the heat of the sun came to cure him.

Side 2: This side represents women's role in Native American society. On the neck of the horse is a symbol for the suns radiating beams and its healing powers. Her fully beaded dress represents her skills in beading and design. The buffalo hunt beside her depicts how important the buffalo and the horse were to the Native American.

Named 2006 Award of Distinction by Dillard's.

See collector's checklist for Trail of Painted Ponies.
Available in inventory at $120.00 each.

WG-12240-1E : original Westland first edition retired pony
Available in inventory at $100.00 each.

WG-12240-2E : original Westland second edition retired pony

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