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Name:Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies
Manufacturer:Wiley Publishing
Author:Bill Slavicsek
Rich Baker
Publisher:Wiley Publishing
Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies
Just want to play? Here's where to start!

Understand the game, choose a character and pick up the language of Dungeons and Dragons.

Dreaming of Dungeons and Dragons, but afraid it takes years to master the game? Meet your personal wizard! This book conjures up the basics to get you started -- essential rules, pregenerated characters, tips and tricks to improve your play, even a foldout dungeon map and battle grid. Read it today, and play tomorrow!

Discover how to
* Create a character
* Choose skills, spells, weapons and gear
* Find a game or start your own
* Follow Dungeons and Dragons game etiquette
* Become a Dungeon Master
* Enhance your game skills

Available in inventory at $14.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
You save $5.04, a discount of 25%

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