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Name:Colorado: 1870-2000 II
Manufacturer:Westcliffe Publishers
Author:John Fielder
Publisher:Westcliffe Publishers
Photographer:William H. Jackson
John Fielder
Colorado: 1870-2000 II
In 1998 acclaimed Colorado nature photographer John Fielder drove 25,000 miles and backpacked another 500 in order to stand exactly where his 19th century equivalent, William Henry Jackson, stood. From 300 different vantage points, Fielder pointed his camera in exactly the same direction as Jackson once had in order to reveal the changes in the Colorado landscape that have occurred over more than a century. Only 156 of these original then and now photo pairs were published in Colorado 1870-2000, the leather-bound "big brown book" that made history as Colorado's all-time bestselling regional title. Seven years later, the rest of the project will finally see the light of day in Colorado 1870-2000 II. The photographs in this volume are arguably more scenic and colorful than those of the first volume and yet at the same time equally historical. From Denver to Georgetown and Aspen to Mesa Verde, the change in Colorado's most historic towns and settlements is amazing and in some cases shocking. On the other hand, many of Jackson's original venues look much as they did a hundred years ago.

John Fielder is a nationally renowned nature photographer, publisher and preservationist. He is the photographer of 30 exhibit format and guidebooks, most about his home state of Colorado. An original governor-appointed member of the Board of Great Outdoors Colorado, Fielder's photography has influenced people and legislation earning him awards from many conservation groups, including the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams Award. He teaches photography to adults and children and speaks to thousands of people each year rallying support for land-use and environmental issues. He lives with his family in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

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