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Name:Killer Trivia Game
Killer Trivia Game
The bloodbath continues, but now it's your turn to slay. Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, the most iconic cinematic serial killers of our time, have nothing on you. Recount your knowledge of all ten Friday the 13th films, seven A Nightmare on Elm Street films and the only Freddy vs. Jason film in an effort to collect corpses and accumulate enough bodies to win. With a total of 1,100 questions (100 Freddy vs. Jason questions included), a custom die and coroner's reports that challenge you to recount the gruesome ways that Freddy and Jason slaughtered their victims, this 2 in 1 trivia game is sure to provide frightening fun for all horror film fans.

17+2 or more

We do not have Killer Trivia Game (USO-9503) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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