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Name:Fantastic Four Monopoly
Fantastic Four Monopoly
After a traumatic encounter with cosmic rays, Reed Richards, Benjamin Grimm, Susan Storm and Johnny Storm obtained powers that help them to carry out their adventures, discovering secret civilizations, furthering the knowledge of science and protecting the world from evil. They confront their enemies with tireless resolve, risking everything to keep the world safe. No matter what task they face, they do it as a family. Now players can confront and combat the most dangerous Fantastic Four enemies that stand in the way of their adventures. Buy, sell and trade the likes of Super Skrull, Mephisto and Doctor Doom to thwart their evil schemes, destroy their powers. Control them all in this collector's edition of the world's most famous board game.

Available in inventory at $30.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $35.99
You save $5.04, a discount of 14%

USO-515 :

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