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Name:Coca Cola Chess Set
Coca Cola Chess Set
This Chess game features the red Coca-Cola team matching wits with the white COKE team. Custom pieces feature classic Coca-Cola icons: Santa, Polar Bear, vending machines, 1960s contour bottles, bell glasses, cans and bottle caps.

The ultimate game of strategy, Chess, showcases the red Coca-Cola team led by Santa matching wits with the white COKE team headed by the Polar Bear. Custom chess pieces feature authentic Coca-Cola memorabilia in this version of one of the world's most time-honored games. Using an army of contour bottles, vintage vending machines, vintage cans, bell glasses and bottle caps, these "Kings" of the Coca-Cola world battle for supremacy.

Authorized by The Coca-Cola Company, this game features 32 superbly sculpted and detailed Coca-Cola chess pieces. Who will claim victory - will it be Coke or Coca-Cola? Choose your favorite team and enjoy this refreshing collector's game with a Coca-Cola twist.

Available in inventory at $39.95 each.

USO-4220 :

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