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Name:Battle of the Sexes IQ Edition Board Game
Manufacturer:University Games
Battle of the Sexes IQ Edition Board Game
Make fun of sexual stereotypes! This game's aim is to find out who's smarter: the dames or the dudes? You'll bend your gender - and your mind - taking on tough challenges to defend your sex. The trick is, this is not a trivia game. You'll need to unwrap word jumbles, dissect diagrams and work through word problems to reveal your true intellect. Ready? Ladies first. Gals, what poker term is synonymous with these words: even, water torrent. Now it's the guys' turn. Fellas, Ralph Lauren is to Romance as Lancome is to: No. 19, Mademoiselle, One or Tresor? The answers? Flush and Tresor, of course!

Game comes with game board, 73 female question cards, 73 male question cards, 74 genius cards, 55 female wild cards, 55 male wild cards, 8 playing pieces and instructions.

12+2 to 8

Available in inventory at $19.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $25.00
You save $5.05, a discount of 20%

UG-1417 :

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