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Name:Caves of Williams Caņon: History, Exploration, Science and Conservation: 1982-2000
Manufacturer:Williams Canyon Project
Author:Donald G Davis
Richard Rhinehart
Tom Dotter
Larry Fish
R Mark Maslyn
Carol A Hill
Fred Luiszer
Al Collier
Paul Burger
Publisher:The Williams Canyon Project
Editor:Ron Kolstad
Richard Rhinehart

Be a Part of History!

Whether you are interested in surveying, photography, conservation, science or exploration, the many caves of Williams Canyon near Manitou Springs offer a century of excitement.

Each October through April the Williams Canyon Project of the National Speleological Society schedules regular trips into caves like Cave of the Winds, Huccacove, Narrows, Manitou and Breezeway.

Williams Canyon Project
Manitou Colorado

Exploration, surveying and scientific study of the caves of Williams Canyon in east-central Colorado, including the commercially operated Cave of the Winds. Efforts by project members have resulted in the discovery of numerous new passages in the popular show cave (Cave of the Winds), increasing the surveyed length to nearly two miles. Best known of the discoveries to date remains Silent Splendor, discovered by excavation in 1984.

Named 2009 Best Selling Book by a Snaggy diMe.

Available in inventory at $10.00 each.

TWC-2001 :

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