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Manufacturer:TDC Games
Make-Your-Own-Opoly is the first do-it-yourself board game!

Construct a custom made board game by using your PC and any simple color printer. MAKE-YOUR-OWN-OPOLY contains everything you need to hand customize the game board, cards and play money for your very own property trading board game. After you're done, even the box itself will look like it was manufactured just for you, your family, your town, your school or any special purpose.

MAKE-YOUR-OWN-OPOLY contains easy to follow drawing and cutting instructions and also software that will allow even a first-timer to produce a quality one-of-a-kind board game. This has to be the best board game you've ever owned because you created it yourself!

Requirements when using a Computer (Version 2.5):
- PC with a Pentium processor or better
- Color Ink Jet, PostScript or HP compatible laser printer

Requirements when NOT using a Computer:
- A pencil, pen or permanent marker
- Scissors

Named 2013 Best Selling Board Game by a Snaggy diMe.

Available in inventory at $29.95 each.

TDC-1999 :

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