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Name:Alpine Caving Techniques: A Guide to Safe and Efficient Caving
Manufacturer:Speleo Projects
Artist:Georges Marbach
Bernard Tourte
Publisher:Speleo Projects
Alpine Caving Techniques: A Guide to Safe and Efficient Caving
The long-awaited English edition of the classic French manual, a definitive source for vertical and horizontal caving techniques among cavers worldwide, is now translated and updated from the Third French Edition (2000). While it emphasizes vertical caving and rigging practices, it also presents new and thorough discussions on many other aspects of cave exploration, such as:

-- equipment specifications and use
-- training, diet, and mental well-being
-- travelling efficiently through the cave, on and off rope
-- systematic prospection methods
-- emergency self-and small party-rescue

Whether you cave on or off-rope, in the high mountains or in the equatorial jungle, as a speleo-tourist or a hardcore explorer, this book provides essential information on how to optimize your efficiency and ensure your ultimate safety in the challenging environment of vertical caves.

Translated and adapted from the French by Melanie Alspaugh 2002.

Available for pre-order at $33.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $39.50
You save $5.55, a discount of 14%


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