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Name:GURPS Dragons
Manufacturer:Steve Jackson Games
Author:Phil Masters
Publisher:Steve Jackson Games
Editor:Jeff Rose
Illustrator:Alex Fernandez
Retired:January 2007
GURPS Dragons

Dragons! The most fabulous of all fabulous beasts. Throughout history, around the world, tales of fire-breathing monsters have stirred awe and terror. Now . . . play a dragon. Take to the air with prodigious wingbeats, soaring effortlessly for hundreds of miles. Terrify your foes with fire, claws and teeth. Gather your hoard. Study ancient lore and magic . . . and take human form to walk in the world of men!

GURPS Dragons includes:

Origins of the dragon, through myth and legend and even true history.

How do dragons fly?

How to hunt dragons . . . and survive.

Creating dragon characters in GURPS.

Dragon-specific combat maneuvers.

Templates for Firedrakes, Naga, Chinese Dragons, Sea Serpents and others.

Ideas for dragon-centric campaigns, including two campaign backgrounds!

A special Appendix converts the game material to the new GURPS Fourth Edition rules, making it even more useful!

Named Best Rulemakers 2019 by The Austin Chronicle.

Available in inventory at $23.95 each.

SJG-6540 :

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