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Name:GURPS Ultra-Tech
Manufacturer:Steve Jackson Games
Author:David Pulver
Publisher:Steve Jackson Games
Editor:Sean Punch
Loyd Blankenship
Michael Hurst
Illustrator:Dan Smith
Retired:January 2006
GURPS Ultra-Tech

Welcome to the Future!

GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for science-fiction technology, from the 21st century to the farthest reaches of the future. From the vacuum of interstellar space to the murderous intrigue of the court of the Galactic Empire, to the lowest dives of the asteroids, an adventurer is no better than his gear. GURPS Ultra-Tech, Second Edition Revised has been reorganized for ease of use - equipment is now sorted by type, not by Tech Level.

Ultra-Tech covers personal equipment from TL8 (the near future) to TL16 (super-science and beyond), including:

Personal Weapons - From caseless assault carbines and monomolecular-edged swords to plasma rifles and tachyonic disruptors.

Personal Protection - How do you stop a gamma-ray laser rifle? Try a military cybersuit with thermal superconducting armor and a personal force screen.

Heavy Weapons - Hunter missiles, strobe mines and laser-guided grenades offer ultra lethality.

Medicine - Super-science can heal, rebuild and even improve on nature. Death itself can become a temporary inconvenience.

And still more gadgets! Living biosuits, computer implants, holographic projectors, energy webs, psionic amplifiers, neutrino communicators, robot factories, chameleon cloaks, intelligent starships . . . there's something for every crisis at every tech level.

Named Best Rulemakers 2019 by The Austin Chronicle.

Available in inventory at $19.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $22.95
You save $3.00, a discount of 13%

SJG-6032 :

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