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Name:GURPS Fantasy
Manufacturer:Steve Jackson Games
Author:William H. Stoddard
Publisher:Steve Jackson Games
Editor:Andrew Hackard
Jeff Rose
GURPS Fantasy
Create a world that could never be! GURPS Fantasy is the complete toolkit to let you build a campaign of heroic deeds and wondrous magic. It discusses the genre in depth -- with all its subgenres and inspirations (myth, novels, movies, etc.) -- letting you design just the kind of fantasy setting that you want.

GURPS Fantasy gives detailed, concrete advice -- from the basics of the landscape itself, through its inhabitants and cultures, to the details of believable histories and politics. It also examines the nature of supernatural forces, and discusses the impact of wizards, monsters, and gods. And, of course, it looks at the many different ways that magic and users of magic can work in a fantasy world.

And, perhaps most importantly, it advises GMs and players alike on the kinds of characters appropriate to fantasy -- including ordinary folks, people with fantastic powers and nonhumans.

Whether your model is Tolkien, Jordan or Leiber, this book will let create a town, a country or an entire world. Like all Fourth Edition books, it's a full-color hardcover.

This is not an update of the Yrth setting presented in the old GURPS Fantasy. Yrth has its own book, GURPS Banestorm.

Named Best Rulemakers 2019 by The Austin Chronicle.

Available in inventory at $23.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $34.95
You save $11.00, a discount of 31%

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