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Name:Color Change Fork and Spoon
Manufacturer:Sassy, Inc
Sometimes microwave ovens and hot water can quickly overheat your child's food. This Color Change Fork and Spoon lets parents and caregivers know when food is too hot. When the temperature of your child's food is too hot (approximately 105 degrees F or above), spoon and fork change color. Curved handle is easy for your toddler to grasp in either hand. Recommended for ages 9+ Months. Top rack Dishwasher safe.

Instructions for Use: Dip fork or spoon into your child's food and stir. If the area below the handle of the spoon or fork changes color, allow food to cool. Rinse utensil with cool water and repeat procedure until utensil does not change color. As an extra precaution, an adult should always test food temperature before serving to child.

Available in inventory at $3.95 each.

SAS-303 :

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