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Name:Poppin' Push Car
Manufacturer:Sassy, Inc
Push back on this little car and let it go to see colorful beads pop, pop, pop inside the car's clear top. The cheery little car has red wheels with yellow polka dots and purple headlights that form eyes on the car's smiling face. Black and white stripes outline the car and catch baby's attention. Recommended for ages 6+ Months. Approximate size: 3.25 x 4 x 2.5.

Developmental Benefit: Poppin' Push Car encourages the development of motor skills by motivating baby to reach out for, creep after or crawl towards it when it rolls away. Holding the car in his hands and pulling back on the car aids in the development of finger and hand muscles.

Play Tips:
* Show baby how to place his hand on the car and push it forward. Baby can scoot alongside the car. This helps baby develop motor skills.
* Demonstrate for baby that when the car is pushed, the beads pop. This introduces baby to cause and effect.
* Take turns pushing the car back and forth to each other. This demonstrates turn-taking.

Available in inventory at $5.95 each.

SAS-245 :

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