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Manufacturer:Stuffed Animal House
The largest of all the penguins are the distinctively colored Emperor Penguins that live on the cold ice of Antarctica. They stand almost four feet tall and have orange-yellow ear patches and necks. The female lays one large egg in the winter and immediately transfers it to the top of the male's feet to keep it off the ice. While she leaves to feed on fish, squid and krill, he protects the egg under a thick downy flap that hangs from the bottom of his belly. During the 64 day incubation period, the male loses almost half his body weight, as he can not leave the egg to feed. Once the chick is hatched and the male has returned from feeding, both parents take turns caring for the chick until it is six months old. All of the Emperors in the colony then trek to the open sea during the Antarctic summer. They are able to dive and swim very fast and can often outdistance predators such as leopard seals and sharks. Emperor penguins can live for 20 years.

12" high.

Available in inventory at $16.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $19.95
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SAH-7311 :

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