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Name:White Seal Pup in a Can
Manufacturer:Stuffed Animal House
Retired:January 2009
White Seal Pup in a Can
Harp seals are found mainly along the icy shores of Canada's eastern Arctic. Single pups are born on the ice floes in late winter. They weight about 12 pounds at birth and their white pelts are highly prized by seal hunters, who call then "whitecoats". Their mothers are very protective of them while they are nursing and the pups will gain about sixty extra pounds during the first two weeks, at which time they are weaned. They have now been taught to catch fish and to swim under the ice to seek refuge from polar bears and must now fend for themselves. Their coats have also begun to moult at this time and they are no longer in danger from human hunters.

8" long, Northern Babies Collection.

Available in inventory at $20.00 each.

SAH-6702 :

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