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Name:Black Bear
Manufacturer:Stuffed Animal House
Black Bear
The smallest of the three bear species of North America are Black Bears, which are found across Canada and many parts of the United States. Unlike their larger cousins, Grizzly and Polar Bears, they are able tree climbers. During the winter months they 'den' in caves or hollow trees. This is where their tiny cubs are born and are nursed until they emerge from their dens in the spring. Although they are called Black Bears, their color can range from black to brown, cinnamon, grey or even creamy white, as in the rare Kermode Bear.

Grizzly bears are the larger and more ferocious cousins of Black Bears. A large shoulder hump and long sharp claws are their most distinguishing features. Bears are omnivorous and feed on twigs and leaves, roots, berries and honey, as well as grubs, larvae, ants and salmon. Mother bears of all species are very dangerous when they are protecting their cubs.


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