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Name:Rocky Mountain Caving Autumn 2004
Manufacturer:Rocky Mountain Caving
Publisher:Rocky Mountain Caving
Editor:Richard Rhinehart

Gypsum Wonder -- Explore Colorado's Natural Bridge
A Narrow Escape - by Mike Frazier
Rescuing Franz Hankins from Narrows Cave - by Steven Kumpf
Accident Brings Changes in Williams Canyon Procedures - by Richard Rhinehart
Carlsbad Cavern Lint Camp - by Greg Glazner
Palygorskite Identified in South Dakota's Wind Cave - by Carl Bern
Paradise Pit: An Unusual Colorado Cave - by Doug Medville
Surveying the San Juan Mountains' Sand Creek Cave - by Doug Medville
The Willow Creek Natural Bridge - by Mike Frazier
Hey, Bulldog! Visiting the Surprising Saint Francis Pit - by Richard Rhinehart
A Drive Up Gypsum Creek - by Doug Medville

Autumn 2004 issue of the premiere Rocky Mountain caving publication.

Available in inventory at $6.00 each.

RMC-20044 : Available only to NSS members.

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