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Name:Rocky Mountain Caving Winter 1996
Manufacturer:Rocky Mountain Caving
Publisher:Rocky Mountain Caving
Editor:Richard Rhinehart
Rocky Mountain Caving Winter 1996

Big Sandy Mountain -- Colorado's Narrows Cave Dig May be on to Something Big
In the Dark: Fungi in Manitou Cave - by Marc Hament
Spelunker X Trapped in the Cave of Doom! - by James Alan Neely
Williams Canyon: The Witch Hunt That Never Was - by Tom Dotter
In Loving Memory: Roo, The Wonder Cave Dog - by Marc Hament
A Quest for Turtles: The Search for Tortuga Cave - by Mike Frazier
The Ice Cave Cometh: Ridge Walking in the Gros Ventre - by Paul Burger
The Hellhole Caves: A Preliminary Report - by Ronald Delano
Breezeway: Stories From Colorado's Crystalline Palace - by Richard Rhinehart
Narrows Cave: Beyond the Sandy Darkness - by Richard Rhinehart
The Mystery of Hackleman's Cave - by Richard Rhinehart

Winter 1996 issue of the premiere Rocky Mountain caving publication.

Available in inventory at $6.00 each.

RMC-19961 : Available only to NSS members.

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