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Name:Rocky Mountain Caving Summer 1990
Manufacturer:Rocky Mountain Caving
Publisher:Rocky Mountain Caving
Editor:Richard Rhinehart

Norm Pace Slated To Speak at Rocky Mountain Speleo-Seminar - by Louise Hose
Jolt Verses the Birtish Empire - by Richard Rhinehart
Jim Pisarowicz: Profile of a Lew Bicking Award Winner - by Louise Hose
A Review of the Lew Bicking Award - by Louise Hose
Kids Say the Darndest Things About Caving - by Richard Rhinehart
South of the Border, Down New Mexico Way - by James V. Wilson
Stupid Caving Comments, Part I - by Dawn Burow-Hill
Looking for Caves in All the Right Places - by D. Jacobe Rogers
Jefferson County Planning Board Rejects C.J.'s Quarry - by Richard Rhinehart
Adventures in Surveying - by Richard Rhinehart
The Exploration of Iceberg Cave - by Louise Hose
The Discovery and Exploration of Wild Raspberry Cave - by Louise Hose
Lil' Bit of Gonzo Cave - by Louise Hose
The Treasure of Lost Mascot Cave - by Richard Rhinehart
To the Deepest Ends: Lechuguilla Passes Another Milestone - by Donald G. Davis
Equipment Notes - by Donald G. Davis
November in Cueva de Infiernillo - by Dawn Reed
Where the Wind Blows - by James V. Wilson

Summer 1990 issue of the premiere Rocky Mountain caving publication.

Available in inventory at $6.00 each.

RMC-19903 : Available only to NSS members.

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