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Name:Rocky Mountain Caving Autumn 1989
Manufacturer:Rocky Mountain Caving
Publisher:Rocky Mountain Caving
Editor:Richard Rhinehart
Rocky Mountain Caving Autumn 1989

Final Report: Carlsbad Lechguilla Task Force
How to Get Free Passes to Evan's Plunge: The Story of the November Wind Cave Rescue - by Garry Petrie
Jolt 7: A New Beginning - by Paul Burger
Fulford's New Discovery - by Bill Hawn and Robert Phillips
Dye Tracing of the Honeycomb-Fulford-Blue Butt System - by Fred Luiszer
Dye Test at Spanish Cave - by Jerry Hassemer
Chockstone Cave, Lost Creek System: It's Not Just a Boulder Pile Anymore - by Louise Hose and Lee Esch
East Miller Creek: A Reconnaissance of a Western Plateau Canyon - by Richard Rhinehart
GYPKAP II: Pushing the Frontiers of Caving Technique - by Steve Dunn
The Mutant Rat: A "Reasonably" True Story - by Monte Harnden
"Meditation" - poetry by Monte Harnden
Lechuguilla: Pushing the Outback - by Donald G. Davis
Depths of Confusion - by Richard Rhinehart
"Ballad Hymn of the Lechuguilla Cave Project" - by Lee H. Skinner
Trekin' Through Mammoth Cave - by James V. Wilson
"Crater Cave: Part II" - speleofiction by Dan Rubins Lowrey
"The Book of Donald Glenn Davis" - by Paul Burger and Pat Seiser
Big Manhole: Treasure Beneath the Desert - by Richard Rhinehart

Autumn 1989 issue of the premiere Rocky Mountain caving publication. Available as a reproduction.

Available in inventory at $6.00 each.

RMC-19894 : Available only to NSS members.

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