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Name:Alhambra: Vizor's Favor
Manufacturer:Rio Grande Games
Author:Henn, Dirk
Panning, Wolfgang
Alhambra: Vizor's Favor
This expansion contains four different modules, which can be combined individually or all together with the basic game. The Favor of the Vizier allows players to take a turn out of order. The Exchange Office contains cards which allow buildings to be purchased using 2 different currencies. The Bonus Cards include secret tiles which can be revealed to count as an additional building of the type shown. The Building Huts has extra tiles which can be built as an additional action choice (in addition to buying and placing buildings, rearranging one's Alhambra and taking money) and which count as 0-3 of a given building type, depending on adjacent tiles.

8+1 hour2 to 6

Available in inventory at $19.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $24.95
You save $5.00, a discount of 20%

RIO-52 :

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