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Name:Power Grid
Manufacturer:Rio Grande Games
Author:Friese, Friedemann
Power Grid
Earning money with electric power? Earning lots of money with electric power? A very good idea! Should I use coal or oil to generate power in the old-fashioned way or will there be a shortage of those resources in the future? Will there be a future in burning garbage? Certainly nuclear power is very exciting and as long as the government will manage the nuclear waste there will be a lot of profit. Of course you can use more ecologically friendly power and be independent of resources, but will such power plants be powerful enough for the customers in the future? Naturally you must watch your competitors to see what plants they build, which cities they have in their net, what resources they depend on and what new power plants they find interesting.

Named 24th of Top 100 Games of 2005 by Games Magazine.
Named 24th of Top 100 Games of 2005 by National Games Week.
Named 8th of Top 100 Games 2006 by National Games Week.
Named Best Strategy Game Nominee of 2004 by International Gamers Award.
Named Recommended Game of 2005 by Spiel des Jahres.
Named Top 10 Game of 2004 by Erik Arneson/
Named Top 3 Game of 2004 by Meeples Choice Award.
12+2 hours2 to 6

Available for pre-order at $34.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $44.95
You save $10.00, a discount of 22%


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