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Manufacturer:Rio Grande Games
Tikal is the most important and largest of all Mayan sites. It is located in the midst of an impenetrable jungle in northern Guatemala. The Mayans lived in Tikal from 600 BC to 900 AD, but little is known of the civilization that thrived there for 1500 years. As of this writing only a small fraction of the site has been excavated and investigated. Each player is the director of an expedition intent on exploring Tikal in search of the secret paths that lead to the temples and precious treasures that have remained hidden for over 1000 years. A player receives points during four scoring rounds for each recovered treasure and for each temple that he controls. But, both temples and treasures can change hands. The expedition that earns the most points exploring Tikal wins the game.

Named 64th of Top 100 Games 2006 by National Games Week.
Named 68th of Top 100 Games of 2005 by National Games Week.
Named Best Family Strategy Game 2000 by Games Magazine.
Named Best Multiplayer Strategy Game of 2000 by International Gamers Award.
Named First Place Winner for 1999 by Deutscher SpielePreis.
Named German Game of the Year for 1999 by Spiel de Jahres.

Available in inventory at $29.95 each.

RIO-132 :

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