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Name:Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
The fast-action word game where you spin, solve the puzzle and win!

Spin the wheel, pick a letter and see how far you'll go in being a Wheel winner! Just like TV's Wheel of Fortune, a combination of luck and skill are what it takes to collect the most money and win.

Ninety-six different puzzles are featured in some of the most popular categories including: BEFORE and AFTER, ON THE MAP, SAME NAME, CLASSIC TV, AROUND THE HOUSE, and more.

And just like the TV show, Wheel of Fortune is great family entertainment. Every Wheel watcher can be a Wheel player and any Wheel player can come out on top.

Contents: Plastic game board with set design, game board back, 96 puzzles, play money, wipe-off called letter chart, crayon, spinner, spinner card, free spin tokens, legs, slides, booklet including letter frequency, puzzle solutions and instructions.

Available in inventory at $12.95 each.

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