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Name:Caves of Colorado
Manufacturer:Pruett Publishing Company
Author:Parris, Lloyd E
Publisher:Pruett Publishing Company
Caves of Colorado
Throughout history people have been attracted to caves for a variety of reasons. Prehistoric man dwelled in caves. More recently various Indian tribes, hermits, outlaws, moonshiners and others, who sought shelter or privacy, found it in caves.

Today, speleologists explore caves, not only to experience their fragile beauty and unique features, but also as seekers of knowledge, searching to unlock the mysteries of the underground world. The exploration of caves does, indeed, represent a challende to modern man, who must pit skill and endurance against a hostile environment.

While Colorado can never hope to compete with states such as Kentucky in terms of the number or size of caves, it does have much to offer to cavers.

In Caves of Colorado author-caver Lloyd Parris has written the first comprehensive guide to Colorado's caves. Among the topics covered are cave ecology, a history of organized caving in Colorado, lost caves and the hoaxes which have long been associated with many caves. The bulk of the book is devoted to a history and description of 265 caves, some of which are unknown even to local cave clubs, called Grottos, and the National Speleological Society. The text is enhanced by 158 suberb black and white photographs, 50 maps, a glossary of terminology and a cave index.

Caves of Colorado will appeal to cavers, scientists, history buffs, ecologists and the plain weekend explorer, who has always been fascinated by the mysterious world below.

Available in inventory at $150.00 each.

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