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Name:Dead Man's Treasure
Manufacturer:Playroom Entertainment
Dead Man's Treasure
Arrrrr, matey! Many a scalawag have tried to find the vast treasure of the fabled Captain Flint! Now the notorious pirate's treasure map has been found and you must beat your opponents to find th emost valuable booty! The pirate Ben Gunn travels from island to island to help you find the treasure, while while the ghost of Captain Flint tries to stop you from getting your hands on his riches!

In this game of buccaneers and buried gold, players compete to gain the most valuable treasure on a chain of six islands. Deploy your crew secretly to the islands in your quest for the loot, but watch out for booby traps, lest you find yourself on the bottom of the briny deep. It's strategy and terror on the high seas as you seek out the Dead Man's Treasure!

8+1 hour3 to 5

Available in inventory at $15.95 each.

PLE-22110 :

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