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Name:Colorado Caves and Karst IV
Manufacturer:Paul Burger
Artist:Paul Burger
Publisher:Paul Burger

History, geology and maps of caves in the karst areas of Colorado.

Spanish Cave by Jerry Hassemer
Colorado's Longest and Deepest by Paul Burger
Beyond the sump: The Exploration of Twenty Pound Tick Cave by Steve Smith
The Mindless Cave Survey by Paul burger
The History of Exploration at the Cave of the Winds by Richard Rhinehart
Cave of the Winds Discovery dateline by Richard Rhinehart
Ten Years of Exploration at Fixin'-to-Die by Paul burger

New Discoveries:
The Exploration and Survey of Honky Cave by Paul Burger
Exploring Ron Tom Cave by Tom Shirrell
The Exploration and Mapping of Colorado's Grieving Widow's Cave Complex by Richard Rhinehart
Spectre: The History of a Small Colorado Cave by Steve Dunn and Richard Rhinehart

Available in inventory at $19.95 each.

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