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Name:Cow Parade West Hartford
Manufacturer:Orange Frazer Press, Inc
Publisher:Orange Frazer Press
Parade:West Hartford, CT
Cow Parade West Hartford
COWPARADE: The Cows Come Home, West Hartford Connecticut

In the midst of this upscale historic village that is overflowing with fancy restaurants, chic shops and attractions that lure vacationers from around the world, home grown art began to brew in the summer of 2003. From that cauldron of creativity, over sixty fiberglass cows spilled onto the sidewalks, decorated with acrylic paints, marbles and even terra cotta ceramics. The CowParade had made it's way home.

This event in past cities around the nation and the globe has collectively raised millions of dollars for various charities through the sale of these unique works of art. San Antonio's American Cancer Society and Georgia's Techbridge are just two of the many benefactors of the auctioning of these cows. The statues have become necessary and almost sacred, providing food, clothing, warmth, laughter and education by artists using their hides as canvas.

Not only does this book have the West Hartford Cows, but dozens of cows from previous events since the creation of CowParade. Cows from cities such as Chicago, New York, London, San Antonio, Atlanta and even Ventspils, Latvia are included in this hardcover, full color edition.

Available in inventory at $20.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $24.95
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