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Name:Cow Parade Madison
Manufacturer:Orange Frazer Press, Inc
Publisher:Orange Frazer Press
Parade:Madison, WI
Cow Parade Madison
COWPARADE WISCONSIN: The Cows Come Home To America's Dairyland

Madison, Wisconsin was transformed to Wis-COWn-sin in the summer of 2006. CowParade, a traveling art initiative, brought local artists, businesses, community and arts organizations, schools and individuals together in an unprecedented way to have fun and celebrate Wisconsin's dairy heritage. More than 100 decorated life size fiberglass cows were placed around Madison, Wisconsin and outer lying burbs. Artists submitted hundreds of proposed cow designs for the official "PortCowlio". "CowParade Wisconsin" is the official keepsake publication of the event. In it you will find pictures of the cows. You will learn how CowParade came to be such a success worldwide. You will learn about Wisconsin's dairy industry. This book is your souvenir of the fun that took over Madison with the CowParade. Most importantly, CowParade was about Wisconsinites having fun with their shared dairy history and judging by the limitless smiles of residents and tourists as they viewed the cows, CowParade, Wisconsin was an overwhelming sucess!

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