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Name:Speleogenesis - Evolution of Karst Aquifers
Manufacturer:National Speleological Society
Publisher:National Speleological Society
Editor:Alexander B Klimchouk
Derek C Ford
Arthur N. Palmer
Wolfgang Dreybrodt
Speleogenesis - Evolution of Karst Aquifers
Subjects Covered Include:
Evolutionary typology of karst
Geologic and hydrogeologic controls
Dissolution physics and chemistry
Finite element and laboratory modeling
Overviews on speleogenesis in coastal/oceanic, confined and unconfined settings
Deep-seated (hypogene) karstification
Over 30 representative case studies
East European-Russian research
Solutional, erosional and break-down morphology of caves
Formation of hydrocarbon and mineral deposits
Role of speleogenesis in the formation of karst aquifers
Water problems and land use in karstic terraines

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Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $56.00
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