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Name:NiteIze C and D Cell L.E.D. Upgrade
Manufacturer:NiteIze, Inc
NiteIze C and D Cell L.E.D. Upgrade
L.E.D. Replacement
Fits D & C cell Mag-Lite

Extends battery life - Save money!
Reliable and efficient L.E.D. technology
As simple as replacing original bulb
Self-adjusting for all capacity levels - compatible with 2-6 cell
10 year lamp life - 100,000 hours of continuous use
Focus: Spot to flood
Pure white light - Bright white L.E.D.
Dependable - Shock resistant!

Estimated Battery Life
D CellC Cell
Flashlight ModelStandard Bulb
Battery Life
L.E.D. Upgrade
Battery Life
Standard Bulb
Battery Life
L.E.D. Upgrade
Battery Life
2 Cell9-10 hours75 hours5 hours25 hours
3 Cell9-10 hours100 hours5 hours35 hours
4 Cell9-10 hours120 hours5 hours45 hours
5 Cell9-10 hours125 hours5 hours50 hours
6 Cell9-10 hours130 hours5 hours50 hours
actual performance depends on operating contitions and cells used

Available in inventory at $8.95 each.

NI-674 :

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