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Name:NiteIze White L.E.D. with Switch Upgrade Kit
Manufacturer:NiteIze, Inc
Upgrade your AA Mini MagLite with L.E.D. Technology and the Convenience of an "On Demand" Push-button on/off Switch.

The two-pin, three bulb L.E.D. module replaces the incandescent bulb and the push-button switch replaces the end cap.

Extends battery life up to 20 hours - Lasts four times longer than with an incandescent bulb!
Features three bright white L.E.D.s
Brilliant quality white light vs. yellow hue of an incandescent bulb
10 Year lamp life - 100,000 hours of continuous use
Shock proof
Push button switch - turn on/off without adjusting the focus!

Available in inventory at $7.95 each.

NI-5525 :

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