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Name:NiteIze Helmet Clip
Manufacturer:NiteIze, Inc
NiteIze Helmet Clip
Free your Hands!

Quicky and securely attaches a AA or AAA size mini-flashlight to a standard, slotted hard hat or any full-brim style helmet. Avoid the need for multiple clips with this all-in-one helmet clip. The Helmet Clip is strong and durable, built for professional use. A unique construction permits ease of installation and removal with full adjustability.

Fits Slotted Hard Hats
Fits Full-Brim Hard Hats

Slotted Hard Hats
Special Base snaps slot into hard hat. Clip can be positioned on the right or left side of hard hat.

Full Brimmed Hats
Special clamp Base secures Helmet Clip to brim of hard hat.

Fully Adjustable
Ball-in-socket design allows for infinite adjustability of flashlight. Flashlight can be positioned while wearing helmet.

We do not have NiteIze Helmet Clip (NI-10) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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