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Name:Seafarers of Catan 5-6 Player Expansion, 4th Edition
Manufacturer:Mayfair Games
Author:Teuber, Klaus
Extend your Seafarers of Catan games to include more players and more scenarios.

Allows for two additional players to be added to the Seafarers of Catan.

Ownership of Settlers of Catan, Seafarers of Catan and Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension is required for play.

Catan's fourth edition features all new graphics, new card art, a new box, new tiles and revised and improved full color rule books. The new Settlers of Catan features an all sea interlocking board frame, printed on both sides. There are nineteen tiles, all with different art and backprinted in sea. Each tile in the basic game, expansion or extension features new art. Settlers of Catan, Cities and Knights of Catan and Seafarers of Catan each feature a plastic tray designed to hold the basic unit and its extension.

10+2 hours3 to 6

Available in inventory at $15.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $20.00
You save $4.05, a discount of 20%

MFG-3064 :

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