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Name:Duel Masters Battle of the Creatures Board Game
Manufacturer:Milton Bradley
Duel Masters Battle of the Creatures Board Game
The world's 5 civilizations Fire, Water, Nature, Light and Darkness - are at war. You're a duelist who controls 7 mighty creatures. You must summon your creatures to the board and battle your way through opponents to collect a Power Chip from each of the 5 civilizations. You'll move and battle according to your creatures' Power Numbers and go creature-to-creature with your opponent in an all-out dice duel! If your creature has more power than your opponent's, you win. But if you don't, you lose and your creature is out of the game. If you can be the first to collect all 5 Power Chips, you're the winner and a Kaijudo Master!

6+2 to 5

Available in inventory at $10.95 each.

MB-42031 :

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